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I uploaded many posts during this time. Because some of IE members are busy with project. I think we can read their work experience about this project in this blog for sure!

So, I will take over IE blog till they come back! lol

Last time, I promise to you all that I will tell you about my experience of my first time to join Management Policies Presentation and Company Welcome Ceremony for new graduated 2019. but sorry. I will skip it lol. This time I will share you the story of one of Event21 activities that we do it every year such as お花見 (O-hanami; cherry blossom viewing).

As many of you know that Japanese new graduated will start their work life from April,1st of every year and it’s during spring season in Japan. Many companies will do O-hanami to make a chance for communicate with each others to build good relationships in company. Our Event21 in Nara also done it in on April,1st that new graduated start their new chapter of life in Event21 at public park near Katsuragi warehouse.

But unfortunately! It was raining on that day. So, we have changed from O-hanami to welcome party instead! It was a simple party. we were just brought foods and drinks to eat together. but absolutely, we were playing games together!

First game is a quiz game.
We divided team to 4 teams. the first person will get the a word and draw keyword picture to show to next person. The next person will thinking of what is the right word for this picture and draw different picture to show to next person. The last person will draw and say the answer.

Me.. who has low ability in drawing was challenge myself and the others to much lol

From the answer “Nara prefecture” to the last person who answered “Murashita-san” one of sell team in Nara Head office lol and I drew sleeping people for this word lol

Photo by Y-san from Web Team

The next game is Introduce yourself Bingo.
You have to write a word with the topic in each roll in the box. example your like and dislike food. then, player will tell their word one by one. The person who wrote the same answer will circle  and get bingo when completed it. We have 4 prizes for this game. So, everyone were try their best to win lol

and I got it the 3rd! and this is the prize!


Today is one of the most laughing day in my life. Everyone want to win in the game that make me so fun. and I was one of the too lol

Next time, If I don’t forget, I will tell you about my experience of my first time to join Management Policies Presentation and Company Welcome Ceremony for new graduated 2019. It was fun and interesting too!

See you when I see you~