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Event21 Tokyo Summer Convention 2019 [Part1/2]

Hello Everyone! Last week I went to Tokyo for joined in Event21 Tokyo Summer Convention. You may want to know What is this event? and How’s interesting it is?

“ Summer-Con ”

Event21 Tokyo Summer Convention 2019
Event21 Tokyo Summer Convention is called “サマコン” or “Summer-Con” and to be pronounced in Japanese “Sa-Ma-Con” from Summer+Convention. This event is one of in-house event of Event21 company which held in Tokyo every year. Committee called Brand Power Elevation  (ブランド力向上委員会) is main group to planning and managing this event. About Company Committee, I will tell you in the next and next post.

“You happy, We happy!”

S-san went to report on stage for the result of 3 months target
The purpose of this event is to report the result of 3 months target of company juniors which entered in company from 1 April 2019. Absolutely! our IE member, O-san and S-san also went to report on stage and yes, they were success! Congratulations^^
O-san on stage
And we also have report from Each branch, Company Committee and Award to those who have a good performance. You may think this kind of event must be boring.But not our company! It was fun and interesting!
Nara’s Team
It was like a talk show and everyone is actor and actress. I were laughing a lot!
report from Company Committee
I think from Nara to Tokyo is too far to joined Summer-Con only. Yes, we had after party!
Discussion from each department leaders
The after party was separate group by type of Company Committee. I am one of member in Event21 Festival in Kansai Committee. So, I went to after party with member from Event21 Festival in Kanto. We were exchange a lot of information about Event21 Festival. For Event21 Festival in Kansai will be held on 12 January 2019!
K-san with the hotel after the after party ended.
This is only first day story in Tokyo. For the second day, I will tell you next time. See you~
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