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Diorama Pencil Box

All of our Diorama`s are ynique, not just because they are all different, but they are all handmade!

Some of theme event stand out more than others because of the material in which they are made!

For instance, we have a product that was made by our maker inside of a pen box!

This diorama is perfect on the go or as a desk buddy for work!

Product Name World in a Box
Diorama Type Pen Case
Case Size Not Specified
Price Please inquire with us for a price.

Keep in mind that these are previous works that the maker has done so the creation and design of what you would like displayed depends on your imagination!


Even if you are just interested feel free to get a hold of us and inquire about our free quotations!
Because if you happy! we happy!

Our service

We are a professional Event Organizer Company. Day-by-day, we are handling many items which are somehow in connection with some of our events.
Our motto is: “If YOU are HAPPY, then WE are HAPPY!” which is abbreviated to:YOU HAPPY WE HAPPY.
…for us, this motto has a simple and practical meaning that:
Our customer’s happiness IS our happiness!
Concretely, our spectrum of items consists of: Advertising Equipment,Apparel, Consumer Electronics, Funny good, Office School supplies, Restaurant Hotel supplies and others.
Mainly, we are specialized in selling products that are either MADE IN JAPAN or manufactured under JAPANESE SUPERVISION, which means that all items are of:
-outstanding, durable quality
-fine craftsmanship
-unique design
Presently, we are dealing with over 5000 items.


Our company was founded in 1991.
Nowadays we are doing business with many major Japanese companies and up to now, we have organized more than 10,000 famous events in Japan.
Regarding international business, we have widened our sphere of action in order to reach people abroad without limits and boundaries.
To accomplish this goal, we have planted many seeds, and the shoots have already started growing out of the soil. As a result, we already have customers from New York City, Singapore and so on. In the meantime, we are planting more and more seeds, and waiting for all of them to sprout!

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