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Drinking masu for drinking sake

Drinking masu- Arigato! from Japan


Drinking masu is the art form a long drinking Alcohol in Japan, it involves quite a lot of unique instruments.
Normally Drinking cups made by glass, resin or wood.
special drinking cup of sake inventors from five hundred years ago in Japan are made of wood named Hinoki (Japanese Cypress wood)

Masu Image

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1 pc
USD 4.25
30 pcs
USD 115.50
50 pcs
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100 pcs
USD 365.00

Product Details

If you need to find a unique gift for the restaurant or kitchen
you should try to see through wooden gift convenience and will surely be a great idea for you.
because Drinking masu cup is One of the top of Japanese cuisine.
beautifully, tasty and good for health as well as the surrounding environment.

Try to drink wine or sake with this particular kind of glass one time.
You will be love this kind of drinking by naturally Japanese wooden cup made by Hinoki (Japanese Cypress wood)
And your family or your friends will love it.

Product Details

Type Cups Saucers
Type Wood cup for SAKE
Place of Origin : Japan
Feature Eco-Friendly
Place of Origin Japan
Brand Name EVENT21
Model Number KAN-071
Outer size masu W85 x D85 x H56mm
Inner size masu W63 x D63 x H45mm
Japanese name Drinking masu
Inner volume ~180.9ml
Weight ~85-90g
Category Japanese traditional
External form size W85*D85*H60mm
Putting a name Possible
Uses Japanese Restaurants, Ceremonies, Parties, Decoration
Materials Japanese cypress (Hinoki wood)

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Standard & safe packing upon your request!
Delivery Time: 5-30 days after the order confirmation


Drinking masu (Sake cup) is a long tradition in Japan.
Japanese people usually drink Sake on Weddings, Childbirth Celebrations, Japanese New Year Celebrations, Harvest Festivals, Summer Festivals, Sake Barrel Opening Festivals, etc.
in the traditional manner, and this Alcohol drinking is often associated with things like Sake glass, Sake bottles.

Often people drink Sake with cups made by of glass, ceramic, plastic cups and wooden cups …

but a long tradition in Japan, people often drink Sake with cups made by glass or wood.
wooden cup bearing a feeling very close to nature and environment friendly.
it feels tastier and more aromatic when used with alcohol, Wine,Sake. it even makes us see good eye.

One of the top art is the art of Japanese is very high. appointment card it requires a long tradition, beautifully tasty and good for health as well as the surrounding environment.

You will have a different feeling when lifting a wooden cup touch to mouth and swallow every drop, it’s very interesting.
You can feel the gentle aroma of wood, a special wood from Japan called Hinoki (Japanese Cypress wood)

One reason that wooden sake cup become favored products because it’s quite good for storage, high durability, do not harm to the environment during processing, do not used anymore , it brings feelings rustic feeling.

It’s not only that you will feel a square wooden cups this very unique and rare. Its shape and materials which can be done as the sophistication of our production. it will make you proud when u got it.

Special products relatively cheap compared to other products and very easy to transport.
Our commitment to quality and design.
You have a choice of size with many different prices.
You can also set up in the name of the glass surface.

Masu Image4Masu Image5

Masu cup standard sized measuring vessels and were mainly used for measuring rice.
The volume was defined in the old Japanese system of weights and measures.
The ones used for measuring are made in various standard sizes:
– 1 “to” (unit of volume, approx. 18 litres)
– 5 “sho” (approx. 9 litres)
– 1 “sho” (unit of volume, approx. 1.8 litres)
– 5 “go” (approx. 0.9 litres)

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Masu Image2Drinking masu

The above image show some masu with branded logos. Let us know if you are interested in branding.
It’s a process of burning a logo on the masu using a heated metal shape (branding iron).

A new, fresh masu has an unmistakable, pleasant scent of hinoki (Japanese Cypress wood).
It’s wonderful to drink a masu of sake from a brand(ed) new masu! Did you get the joke?

■How to use
It’s usually used at ceremonies, but if you prefer, you could use it daily.
You can welcome your friends with this cool Japanese masu at your party :O)
It’s a stylish item to drink from.

Masu Image5Drinking masu

Cleaning tips
These masu cups are advised to be cleaned with a clean, dry cloth.
but you may try toclean them with a slightly wet cloth as well.

You’d better not…
– clean the masu with hot water
– in water at all
– under running water

Never try to…
– clean the masu in a dishwasher, because there’s a high chance that it will cause the masu
to become distorted, the adhesion of the masu may weaken and these may result in leakage
of the drinks that you drink from the masu

The bigger you ordered quantity is the bigger your discount will get!!!
Feel free to ask any questions, contact us anytime!

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Masu Image5masu

Masu Image5Drinking sake cup

we have a lot of wooden sake (masu) sizes, you can choose suitable sizes and order us. we will make it for you.

The art of wooden sake (masu) making in pictures:

Masu Imagemasu box

Masu Imagewine drinking

1.Product name: Drinking masu
2.Japanese name: Masu
3.Made by hand
4.Made in Japan
5.External form size:W85*D85*H60mm
6.Inner form size:W60*D60*H45mm
7.Putting a name:Possible.
8.Position of putting a name:Surface.
9.Material:Japanese cypress (Hinoki wood)
10.Minimum lot the case of putting a name: Please contact us
11.Category: Japanese traditional.
12.Small quantity and trial order can be accepted.
13.Payment Terms: 100% advanced payment before shipment only

Here are some some examples of the papers that we have:

Branded or laser printed Masu boxes that bear the names of companies or individuals serve as a perfect souvenir for special occasions on the outer surface of the masu.
We are ready to meet whatever requests you might have.
Feel free to contact us if you are interested in making your own unique Masu.

Masu ImageMasu Image

hot stamp, laser printing, silk printing on the outer surface of the masu.

Masu ImageMasu Image

We could supply you ANY kind ANY size of Masu.
Just tell us what you are looking for.
We will get it for you!

Masu ImageMasu

The Masu has been in use for over 1300 years. The traditional sizes of the Masu were regulated some 500 years ago and have not changed since.
There are three traditional units in Japan. They are called the Shaku, the Gou, and the Shou. The size of these units get bigger in this order.

1 Gou or Ichigou , is 10 Shaku, at approximately 180ml.
1 Shou is 10 Gou, which is about 1800ml or 1.8 liters.
1 Shaku, or Isshaku, as said in Japanese, is roughly equivalent to 18ml.

Masu Imagesake a cup for sake

In Japan, Masu boxes sizes Sanjyaku (three Shaku) to Ichigou (1 Gou) are commonly used as sake vessels and cups at weddings and celebrative parties.
The larger Nigouhan (2.5 Gou). Gogou (Five Gou), and Isshou (1 Shou) boxes are reserved for measuring food, or as ritualistic instruments for Shinto practices.

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