Hand dyed origami

Hand dyed origami

Origami Design


Hand dyed origami papers in this package are actually yuzen washi origami papers named “Kosai” in Japanese,
because it means crimson red colored, which refers to the powerful red color of the origami papers contained
in the set. The main characteristic of these papers is that they are hand dyed by skilled Japanese craftsmen,
using traditional methods passed on from fater to son from the old times.

Hand dyed origami

Payment & Shipping Terms

Product name: Hand dyed origami
Model Number: OHX-005
EXW Price: US $ 4.25-7.25 / Set
Port: Osaka
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Sets
Supply Ability: 1000 Sets per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,PayPal

Product Details

Type Hand dyed origami paper
Theme Crimson red colored traditional Japanese pattern
Material: Wood pulp
Place of origin: Japan
Model Number OHX-005
Patterns 5 different patterns
Sheet size 150 x 150mm
Sheets / set: 5 pcs
Packaging: Transparent plastic foil
Quality: High quality, perfect for origami enthusiasts

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Standard & safe packing upon your request!
Delivery Time: 5-30 days after the order confirmation


Origami Fun

Hand dyed origami is an exceptional origami paper without doubt, but what is exatly origami?

“Ori” means folding, gami (or rather kami) means paper, so origami literally means folding paper.
Normally the use of glue or cuts are not allowed and art pieces made by these techniques are not considered to be origami works.
When glue and cuts are used in the process then it is usually called kirigami.
Although origami is generally considered to be of a Japanese origin, there are evidences that other cultures around the world had their independent traditions of paper folding.
The list of things that could be made by hand dyed origami is endless, but please let us name some that are used in our everyday lives:
paper cup, salt keeper, book cover, gift wrap, flower wrap, candy wrap, chopsticks wrap, utensil wrap, gift decoration, gift box, snack box, envelope, toothpick holder, and a wallet (kirigami):

So what would be the ultimate goal of origami again?
To extend the boundaries of what you could create out of a single piece of uncut paper.
How about giving it a try?
We could supply you ANY kind of hand dyed origami papers.
Just tell us what you are looking for.
We will get it for you!

Origami is Fun

This is how the package of the hand dyed origami is consisting of yuzen washi paper looks like:

Hand dyed origami picture aa

You can find some origami instructions on the packside of the package:

Hand dyed origami picture b

Two packs of hand dyed origami paper set lying disordered on the table:

Hand dyed origami picture c

Finally a closeup on the package:

Hand dyed origami picture d

After all, what makes hand dyed origami special is that it’s carefully dyed by the hand of a skill Japanese craftsman,
and thanks to this processing by hand, there will inevitably be subtle differences in the colors and the patters which
results in a surprisingly natural, harmonious look. If you come to think about it nature has it’s own subtle differences
in pattern which is exactly the reson why you feel those natural, wheras completely machine made patterns tend to look
artificial. Hand dying does really make a difference!
Nature and dying by hand goes hand in hand!

Please try our hand dyed origami papers and check how you feel when you look on them!

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