How to Put on Your Long Johns and Apron

How to Put on Your Outfit from Right to Left.


Long Johns

Step 1 Please make sure that before putting on your Long Johns that the tag is in the front.
Step 2 Open up the waste by taking the left and right parts and bringing them to the back.
Step 3 Stick your right leg in the leg with the longer string and the left leg in the one with the shorter one.
Step 4 Once you have put both of your legs into the long johns, bring both of the straps up to above your hip bone and wrap the right side around to fit your body size.
Step 5 Take the strap that you wrapped around your left side and bring it to the front going through the inside.
Step 6 While you bring the strap to the front pull on it with your right hand, bring the left string from with your left. Wrap it around your back and fit the left side.
Step 7 The left strap that is held in your right hand, bring it front so that you are to where it covers your side.
Step 8 Bring it once again to the front and tie it tightly.
Step 9 Once you have done all of that it should appear the same as in the picture above.



Step 1 The part of the apron with pockets make up the front.
Step 2 The first part is to put your head through the top hole, much like a standard apron.
Step 3 Once you have put your head through the hole grab the straps as shown in the illustration above, pull down on it a bit before you start the next step.
Step 4 Once you put both your hands through the apron pull the straps down more to make it a snug fit. If it is too loose, it will look like a standard apron and loose the festive feel.
Step 5 Once the adjustment in the front is done, bring the side straps to the back and tie them together.
Step 6 The place to tie them is about the waist and for those who are worried about the appearance of their tying, bring it under the apron part.
Step 7 Once you are done, you check the surroundings to make sure everything is snug and well fit. You should be like the picture above in which you will see little to no muscle exposed.
When you are taking off the apron the method will change where you will star from the shoulders and end with the neck part.



If you have any more questions about how to tie them please feel free to inquire with us and we can provide you with videos and more on how to do it!

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