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Japanese folding screen

Japanese folding screen


Japanese folding screens have both practical uses as stylish interior space separators
and decorative uses as for example a background panel behind the podium on an international
conference or any other kind of event. This folding screen consists of 6 panels that are
joined by hinges.

2100mm high golden Japanese folding screen

Payment & Shipping Terms

Product name: Japanese folding screen
Model Number: BYO-062
FOB Price: US $ 1000 – 1450 / Pack
Port: Osaka
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability: 100 Pieces per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,PayPal

Product Details


Material wood coated with gold leaf and lacquer
Number of panels 6 pieces
Model Number BYO-062
Size W3000 x H2100mm
Packaging Size W750 x D150 x H2150mm
Type Decoration, Home Furniture
Uses Background panel, Decoration in Japanese Restaurants, on Ceremonies and Parties
Place of Origin: Japan

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Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Details: Standard & safe packing upon your request!
Delivery Time: 5-30 days after the order confirmation



Japanese folding screens are called “Byobu” in Japanese which traslates to something like wind wall.
They’ve appeared in Japan in the Nara period in the 7th century as single unit legged panels and over
time they have developed into multi-paneled furnitures used in either the imperial court or on important
ceremonies. In the Nara period the six-paneled folding screen just like this one, is said to have been the
most common type of byobu.

Japanese folding screen Picture a

Japanese folding screens are nowadays still very popular. They are generally being used in Japan
on any kind of Japanese ceremony, conference, party, traditional Japanese music performances,
exhibitions, weddings.

Japanese folding screen Picture b

Try it for yourself to use a Japanese folding screen to give your event a luxurious look!

Japanese folding screen Picture c

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