Japanese Mechanical Pencil

Japanese Mechanical Pencil


Japanese Mechanical Pencil will protect the writing lead at all times.
Do you often happen to drop your mechanical pencil?
Ever longed for a mechanical pencil that doesn’t break the lead even if you drop it?
This Japanese mechanical pencil may be right the one that you were dreaming of!

Japanese Mechanical Pencils are available in 5 colors!

Payment & Shipping Terms

Product name: Japanese Mechanical Pencil
(Anti lead breaking system)
Model Number: PLN-001
FOB Price: US $ 1.8-2.75/ Piece
Port: Osaka
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability: 11000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,PayPal

Product Details

Type Mechanical Pencils
Body Material Biodegradable Plastic(mainly)
Packaging Loose
Lead Hardness HB / B / 2B
Place of Origin Japan
Brand Name Platinum
Model Number PLN-001
System Knock type (OLEeNU)
Colors Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
Lead Width 0.5mm
Size L139.5 x D12mm
Weight 9.7g
Main Material Knock, body, tip part: Biodegradable ABS Plastic
Other Materials Taper: PMMA, Grip: synthetic rubber, Clip ring: PC
Eraser Equipped
Custom Label Available (on the body of the mechanical pencil)
Printing Methods Silk Printing, Pad Printing

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Standard & safe packing upon your request!
Delivery Time: 5-30 days after the order confirmation


Japanese Mechanical Pencil features a newly developed “Anti lead breaking” system that does what its name say:
Doesn’t let the lead break!!!

The Japanese OLEeNU series that is named after the term “doesn’t break” in Japanese features this system that protects the lead from breaking quite effectively in cases like dropping the pencil or pushing it too hard against the paper.
Japanese Mechanical Pencil of the OLEeNU series is since it is made mainly from biodegradable plastic so these items are accredited as eco items by JBPA (Japan BioPlastics Association)

@What are “Biodegradable Plastics” used for our Japanese Mechanical Pencil?
They are plastics that have the same features under normal conditions, but they could be broken down to water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms just like wood and cotton after they are not used any more. Therefore they won’t increase the amount of plastic wastes that threaten the lives of wild animals, pollute our environment. Items that are made of Biodegradable Plastics bear a distinctive seal. These plastics have a natural life cycle, so they are often called “Green Plastics”.

@What are “Bioplastics”?
Bioplastics are a type of plastics that is made of renewable biomass sources, such as vegetable fats/oils, corn or pea starch, microbiota. In comparison, common plastics are made of petroleum. The use of fossil based resources and the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could be restrained by using these plastics instead of the common ones. Items that are manufactured of plastics derived from biomass bear a distinctive seal.

The difference is OBVIOUS!

A conventional mechanical pencil:
A conventional mechanical pencil
OLEeNU system mechanical pencil:
OLEeNU system mechanical pencil


OLEeNU guard of our Japanese Mechanical Pencil holds the lead firmly all around thanks to the newly invented parts.
These parts protect the lead even when the knock moves, since they move as well and propel the lead forward.

FEATURE #2: Safety Spring

Sometimes people tend to push the mechanical pencils too hard on the paper, which makes the lead of conventional mechanical pencils break for sure. Our Japanese Mechanical Pencil incorporates the OLEeNU system thanks to which the lead of the mechanical pencil won’t break easily even under such circumstances since the Safety Spring of the system absorbs the excess pressure.

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