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Hello Everyone! Wanting to get the gang together for the upcoming matsuri? Want to share parts of Japanese Culture with those around you? We are now selling products for Japanese Matsuri so that you can join in on the fun! Our company here in Japan has worked with many matsuri’s here and are wanting to expand the joy of joining in with those of other cultures and one of the best ways we though of was to give those overseas and even in Japan a chance to buy their own matsuri gear! With that being said, I would like to introduce our Matsuri Attire Set (Adult Size)!   Our associates here in Japan have made up a set of recommended products for the perfect matsuri!


Air Jogs

Air Jog 6 piece ろ-① White, Black, Indigo 22.5~28.0cm $44.14~ 29cm  $46.14~
Air Jog 12 piece ろ-② White, Black, Indigo 22.5~28.0cm $49.54~ 29.0cm $51.54~

Festival Slippers

Festival Slippers 5 piece ろ-③ White, Black, Blue 22.5~28.0cm $25.22~ 29cm  $26.22~
Rubber Bottom Festival Slipper 4 Piece ろ-④ Short type White, Black 14.0~27.0cm $10.81~ 28.0~29.0cm $11.81~

Special Orders

Special Order Black Bottom Slipper 4 Piece ろ-⑤ 23.0~26.0cm $16.21~ 26.5・27.0cm $17.21~ |28.0・29.0 $21.21~ | 30cm $24.21~
High Quality Broad Cotton White Tabi Socks 4 Piece ろ-⑥ 24.0~26.5cm $10.81~ 27.0cm  $11.81~ |28.0cm $13.81~ |29.0cm $15.81~

Kids Festival Shoes

Kids Festival Tabi Socks w/Velcro Strip ろー⑧ Long Type White, Black, Blue 13.0~23.5cm $22.52~ per piece
Kids Festival Short Tabi Socks w/Velcro strip ろー⑦ Short Type White, Black, Blue 13.0~23.5cm $16.21~  per piece

Kids Rubber Festival Shoes

Kids Festival Kids Rubber Festival Slippers 4 piece ろー⑨ Short Type White or Black 14.0~21.0cm only in 1cm increments $10.81~
Kids Rubber Slippers ろー⑩ (Cloth or Hard Heel) White or Black 13.0-14.0~21.0-22cm $9.01~

Socks and Other Products

Socks & Bells

Socks for Rubber Shoes ろー⑪ White or Blue 13.0-15.0~27.0-29.0cm $4.50~
Matsuri Bells ろー⑫ String Color (Red or Purple) Diameter 2.5cm $2.25~


Light Sandles ろー⑬ White or Black Lace S~3L $17.12~
Sponge Light Sandles ろー⑭ White or Black Lace S~3L $15.12~

Waterproof and Straw

Waterproof Light Sandles ろー⑮ White or Black Lace S~3L $16.21~
Straw Sandles ろー⑯ White or Black Lace S~3L $26.12~


Wristbands 5 Piece Set ろー⑰ Navy S,M,L,XL sizes available! $17.12~
Wristbands 5 Pieces ろー⑱ Black Stitching S,M,L,XL $26.12~

Weaved Rope (Headband)

Weaved Rope ろー⑲ W10mm x L1m $9.91~
Weaved Rope ろー⑳ W8mm x L1m $7.21~

Pouch & Wallets

Pouche Wallet ろー㉑ $13.51~
Purse ろー㉒ $11.71~

Original Senjafuda

Original Senjafuda or Strap ろー㉓ Wood Type: Cherry Blossom Wooden:$38.40~ | Strap: $25.60~
Senjafuda or Strap ろー㉔ Wood Type: Raden Wooden: $38.40~ | Strap: $25.60~

We have many products available for matsuri and other special occasions so please feel free to look at the rest of our site!

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