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Hello Everyone! Wanting to get the gang together for the upcoming matsuri? Want to share parts of Japanese Culture with those around you? We are now selling products for Japanese Matsuri so that you can join in on the fun! Our company here in Japan has worked with many matsuri’s here and are wanting to expand the joy of joining in with those of other cultures and one of the best ways we though of was to give those overseas and even in Japan a chance to buy their own matsuri gear! With that being said, I would like to introduce our Matsuri Attire Set (Adult Size)!   Our associates here in Japan have made up a set of recommended products for the perfect matsuri!

Make Happy with Happi!

Adult Festival Happi

Adult Matsuri Happi 3 Piece Set Size: S・M・L・LL, Color: Red, Black, Navy $38.73~+Shipping Fee

Kids Festival Happi

Kids Matsuri Happi 3 Piece Set Size: S・M・L・LL, Color: Red, Black, Navy $18.02~+Shipping Fee


Individual Sashes Size: W8cm x L400cm $36.03~+Shipping Fee

Belts Dyed by Hand

Color: White, Off-White, Indigo, Dark Grey, Orange, Burgundy 100% Cotton $28.73~+Shipping Fee


Color: Plain White, Matsuri Fan, Rising Sun Fan $6.76~+Shipping Fee


Wood Type: Cherry Blossom Size: Small and Large $16.21~+Shipping Fee


Amount: 1 Dozen $20.54~+Shipping Fee

  We have many products available for matsuri and other special occasions so please feel free to look at the rest of our site!

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