Japanese Mechanical Pencil

Japanese Mechanical Pencil is an office supply designed in Japan. Apart from being eco-friendly, it’s not just a simple mechanical pencil since it features a so-called OLEeNU system, which is an anti lead breaking system for Japanese mechanical pencils manufactured by Platinum. This Japanese developed system ensures that the lead of the mechanical pencil will be protected from external impacts.… Read More Japanese Mechanical Pencil


Washi origami

Washi origami paper set contains 100 sheets of different colored origami papers colored in every color of the whole spectrum. This pack of washi origami contains only authentic Japanese handmade paper crafted in Japan with traditional manufacturing methods. Recommended for professional origamists and anyone who is keen to fold nice forms from high quality origami paper. Order them from Arigato! from Japan.… Read More Washi origami


Hand dyed origami

Hand dyed origami is a pack containing 5 sheets of yuzen washi origami papers hand dyed in a crimson red color traditional Japanese patterns. In Japan hand dyed origami papers are highly popular thanks to being very authentic and they are generally used by professional origamists for models that will be displayed in some public places. Order them from Arigato! from Japan.… Read More Hand dyed origami

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Japanese Origami

Japanese Origami is used as folding paper. The only requirement of the folding medium is that is must be able to hold a crease. It is an art form that has been handed down from parent to child through many generations in Japan.
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