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(English) Gear up for the Olympics by getting active!


As the Summer Olympics draw closer, why not join in the fever by gearing up with your very own sports event or activity?

Here in host country Japan, many events have already been lined up to countdown to the Olympics – the last time Japan has hosted was in 1998 for the Winter Olympics! This year is especially significant for the country; other than 2020 being the turn of the decade, the previous year also marked the turn of a new era, from Heisei to Reiwa. For those that are not familiar with the Japanese system, they have a unique way of marking the calendar, with the era name changing every time a new emperor ascends the throne.

As the Olympic fever begins to heat up, why not hold your very own sports event to get into the Olympic mood?

Whether you are looking to play a game of basketball or two, or try your hand at archery, we have something here at Event21 that will be sure to fit your needs!

Get sweaty with a game or basketball or table-tennis,

ラケット付き卓球台 レンタル

try your hand at less major sports like archery,

or enjoy a round of outdoors bowling with this inflatable mini rink that we have in our lineup!

Looking for something more unique?

We also have Boccia – played at the paralympics – sets available for rental!

If you’re looking to enjoy a taste of the winter Olympics before this cold season comes to an end, why not rent a skating ring for your venue and bring some fun to your crowd?

Besides these few listed here, we have a whole range of sport equipment available in our lineup here at Event21!

Reach out to us for more details, or simply visit us at our homepage here:



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