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Looking for a particular stage? We can handle any stage!

Today we’ll be introducing something that we’ve been consecutively doing for one of our customers!

We receive inquiries from this customer twice a year and he has asked for our services once again this year! The inquiry in question is a set-up of a runway.

Our staff members, like always, did their very best to reach our customers expectation!

The height of this runway stage is around 750mm, do you have any idea on how we set it up so high?

I’ll give you a minute~~~

And the answer is!

As you can see, the stage is set up high by stacking individual stages on top of each other!

In order to match our any specifications or customer requests, we will come up with any way to make your event a success!

By giving it our best, we were able to receive a huge “thank you” from our customer! This is one happy! we shall always keep in our memory!

Our staff member who set up the stage was none other than Mr. O!

I’m sure he was able to level up! This is how we grow together as a team!

If there is anything you wish to inquire from us, contact us at Event21!

Everyone at Event21 is waiting for your order!

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