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Purchasing Japanese Authentic goods in the world


This is Asuka Misaka from Event21 here in Japan!

I am Japanese, and I really like Japanese culture!!!!That’s because I though my experience: stayed in BCN and USA., I love to compare my culture and other culture!



Why don’t you have a interested in Japanese culture and event??


These are an Japanese event in Barcelona!

I will introduce REAL JAPANESE EVENT!

We DID theses event in Japan!


I want you to know KAGAMI BIRAGI ceremony.

Japanese usually use it for anniversary company event, wedding, and party!

They breaking the sake barrel and drink it!

When we drink sake, we use Masu: sake cup!

If you know Masu, please click here !

13. Arigatou Thank you

You can print some word like “thanks”, “festival” in Kanji!!!!

And you can put your original sentence and date !

This is a very famous goods from Japan,


NINJA party

If you want to have NNINJA party, we can sell you  real NINJA clothes!

Pink Ninja, Flathood, Flattop

This is NINJA for women.


Hakama, baggy, Iga Ninja,


for men.


Though in TV shows and movies, you often see the Ninja up against the Samurai, this was not always the case!

This Ninja outfit was commonly worn by the male from a Samurai family during the Edo Period.

Well known from its part in the story Furama Tengu. Where the Ninja was known for his high level status.

It is easy to wear and perfect for the speedy Ninja!

We have 3 different sizes, but it is only available in black.


If you want to know more, please send us e-mail:


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