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If you want to rent or buy Happi coat, Let Event21 help you !  ハッピのレンタルと購入ならEVENT21へ!

Their usually were Happi coat in Summer Festival and Sport event! Noone have been never seen it before, alright?! 夏祭りとか運動会とかでよく出てきたハッピ! 見たことない人いないよね! Not only in Japan, But all over the world often see Happi coat. It’s always appear in Japan exhibitions! Happi coat  is one of the sign of Japan! 日本だけではなく、世界中もちょこちょこ見れるですよ 特に日本の物産展はよく出てくる! ハッピは日本っぽい商品になります!   You can also put the word on Happi coat and choose color you want. And you can make the original design too! please feel free to ask us! See you next time! 文字が入ってるのも、単純な色だけのも販売してます、 オリジナルデザインもできますので、一度聞いてみてください! ではまた!  

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Event21 can also do Red and White!

Event21 shall be introducing red and white color buntings today! We have ones in all sorts of lengths You can ask us for any custom length depending on your needs. Therefore, be sure to make use of these for your next event to add that extra festive look! The average height is 900mm, however we also provide the ones below: Here’s a showcase of the type of vibe this rental item can produce! Give us a call at Event21! Alternatively, contact us by email at! Visit us online below: Event21 Home Page (English): Event21 Facebook Page (English): Event21 Instagram (English):

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