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Masu sales枡販賣 

Today we will introduce a popular product among our overseas customers! 今日は外国人に人気ある商品を紹介します! Masu (Sake cups) Masu枡 If you recall, I briefly mentioned the masu in my previous blog post. The masu’s volume is measured using a special system. The units of measurement are “gou” (合), “masu” (升) and “to” (斗). 前の文章の中に枡のことちらっと書いてありましたよね、皆さんは覚えてますでしょうかね?! 枡は体積を計量するための測定器、単位は「合」「升」「斗」  Nowadays, It is used as a cup to drink sake from. 今はお酒を飲む用の容器として使えっています!   The masu comes in various shapes and size – you can even create your own original size! In addition, original designs can also be branded onto the masu. The branded words or images are also very high in quality! 枡は色んな大きさがありまして、オリジナルサイズも承ります、しかもオリジナルデザインを焼印することもできます 焼印した画像や文字は質がありますよね! Masu cups are very […]

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Event Goods to Help You Stay in the Pink of Health

As the age old saying goes, health is wealth. People are getting more health-conscious, and there is growing demand for health-related events! Are you thinking of holding a health-related event in Japan? In this post, we will introduce some health related items that are available for rent. 1) Foot Massage Mat It is believed that by walking or stepping on the foot massage mat, the body’s ailments can be cured. 2) Yoga Mat Yoga is gaining popularity in Japan! The most essential item for a yoga event is of course the yoga mat! 3) Balance Ball Another popular exercise item is the balance ball. Not only is it used for […]

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