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Make use of Easels when introducing an Event!

Hello everybody!

We have another item introduction from our Kyoto Branch!

It’s hard to say that you don’t get to see any signboards when you’re walking around downtown or at shopping malls.

Today, we’ll be introducing a very useful item which you can put your signboards on – Easels!

Here is one type of sketch easel which is very convenient for “portraying ” different information.

It comes in a very simple yet slick black color design that will be sure to blend into any sort of event setting.

The panels can be adjusted so that it can hold various sign sizes.

Furthermore, we have a wooden easel for more fancier occasions.

It is sure to make a fancy event even more glamorous!

This wooden easel comes in two different colors (darker and lighter) therefore you are able to choose and blend these according to your needs.

Moreover, there is a total of 14 different types of easels so be sure to give us a call!

We’ll be sure to advise you on these if you’re unsure!

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