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Satisfy your Bench needs!

Event21 Osaka branch, coming in to satisfy your bench needs!

Although it’s already Autumn, the heat is not giving up huh? The weather has been hot even recently! Then again, it is said that Autumn is the season for events!

People tend to organize festivals as well as local shows during October and November.

For such occasions, not only do we provide the stage but also every other item around the stage.

This time around, we’ll introduce a set of different benches!

Aluminum Benches

Benches are a necessity in a stage environment!

If the people aren’t too busy having fun and sitting on them of course…

We also have:

Regular Benches

ベンチ イメージ画像

Light Benches

軽いベンチ レンタル

Outdoor Benches

屋外用飲食ベンチ レンタル

We have different benches that fit your needs! Contact Event21 to satisfy your bench needs!

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