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We are also setting-up Autumn event sites!

The wind is getting more and more cooler. The season has already begun to change.

However, we are not going to let this period of transition stop us from organizing events!

We have proof! Here is a site we have set-up recently!

Look at the number of those royal white tents!

They’ve been neatly lined and set-up at a big square inside the city!

The tents were set up for Marche event exhibitors.

We did our best to showcase the mood of the event with white colors per the request of our customer!

I’m pretty sure the event was able to attract a lot of customers! Royal tents look a lot more different than usual tents, so I am not surprised they were able to get the job done!

These tents are highly recommended for people who want to stand out from the rest!

In fact, our customer who ordered these were looking for something a bit different. Therefore, we provided them with the option of the Royal tents!

Are you having trouble looking for something specific for your event?

Contact us for inquiries!

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