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Event Goods to Help You Stay in the Pink of Health


As the age old saying goes, health is wealth.

People are getting more health-conscious, and there is growing demand for health-related events!

Are you thinking of holding a health-related event in Japan?
In this post, we will introduce some health related items that are available for rent.

1) Foot Massage Mat

foot massage mat

It is believed that by walking or stepping on the foot massage mat, the body’s ailments can be cured.

2) Yoga Mat

yoga mat

Yoga is gaining popularity in Japan!
The most essential item for a yoga event is of course the yoga mat!

3) Balance Ball

balance ball

Another popular exercise item is the balance ball.
Not only is it used for more intense training, it can also be used in one’s daily activities.
Perfect for health related events with both casual and sporty attendees!

4) Treadmill


For a more hardcore sports event, you may be looking for a treadmill.
Yes! It is possible to rent exercise machines for an event!

Need help with your health event in Japan? Let Event21 keep both you and your attendees in the pink of health!
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Check out our full list of health-related products here!

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