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Emergency Goods For Disaster Prevention Events

helmet with light

Typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis.

Japan is very prone to natural disasters.
To combat this, they are always prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Disaster prevention events are very common in Japan.
For those thinking of holding a similar event in Japan, we have complied a list of items that will be useful.

1) Fire Extinguisher

Learning how to use a fire extinguisher is a useful skill in times of crisis.

2) Helmets


Helmets are used to protect oneself from falling debris.

helmet with light

There are also helmets with lights attached!

3) Safety Lights

safety light

When it is dark, such safety lights can be used to direct traffic or act as a guide light.

4) Toilets

portable toilet

Portable toilets like this are especially useful when major damage has been dealt to buildings, and normal toilets cannot be used.

5) Electricity Generators

electricity generator

With electricity generators, even in a power outage, one can generate electricity and use electrical appliances!

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Check out our full list of emergency goods here!

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