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6 Popular Event Rental Items In Japan

folding chair

Have you ever wondered what are the most popular event rental items in Japan?
Look no farther – we have all the data here!

With our years of experience and thousands of enquiries, we have complied a list of the top 6 items that are rented in Japan for events.

1) Simple Stage

simple stage

This simple stage is perfect for venues that do not have a preexisting stage.
Just having a stage livens up the whole event!

2) Folding Chairs

folding chair

Folding chairs are compact and portable, and are often rented when the event venue does not have any chairs.

3) Portable Audio System

portable audio system

This portable audio system set comes with 2 wireless microphones and a wireless amplifier, making it very portable!
Ideal for events where one needs to move the audio system from place to place.

4) Happi Coat

happi coat

The happi is a traditional Japanese straight-sleeved coat.
They are usually worn during festivals and are one of our most popular products!

5) Luxurious Party Cloth

party cloth

These party cloths are made with high-quality fabric, and gives off a grand feel.
They are commonly used as table cloths to turn a simple table into a luxurious one!

6) Tent (6 tsubo size)

6 tsubo tent

“Tsubo” is a traditional Japanese unit of measurement.
The 6 tsubo tent is about 5.4m in width and 3.6m in depth.
This is a very versatile size, which explains why it is the most popular tent!

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