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Bicycle Rentals For Your Next Event

cross bike

Planning a cycling event in Japan?

Then you definitely need bicycles!

Whether your purpose of renting the bikes is for a large event or a leisure ride, check out your options below!


First up we have the completely normal bicycle.

In Japan, this is commonly known as the mamachari.
This bicycle is a very basic model that is used in your everyday life.

electric bicycle

This electric bicycle is an upgraded version of the normal bicycle.

It uses the power of electricity to make your ride more enjoyable and less intense.

4 people bike

This bike can be used simultaneously by 4 people!

foldable bicycle

Are you looking for a compact portable bicycle?

Then this foldable bicycle is perfect!

cross bike

If your event is more on the sporty side, then consider renting a cross bike instead!

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Check out our full list of bicycle rentals here!

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