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Photography Equipment Rental For Your Next Event


You’ve come all the way to Japan to hold an event, so don’t miss this chance to capture all your happy moments!

Although smartphones have advanced and come a long way, they still can’t beat a professional camera.

Here we introduce some photography equipment you can rent to preserve your memories for a lifetime!

DSLR camera

First up, we have a DSLR camera!

You don’t need to be a professional to use a DSLR, and it can take much better photos compared to your smartphone camera.

digital camera

If a DSLR is too much for your needs, then consider a digital camera instead!

4K video camera

Go beyond still pictures and record a video using this 4K video camera!

This will surely help you keep every detail of the event nicely preserved!

high vision video camera

Of course, if you do not need specs as high as 4K, we have a high vision video camera for rent too!

Want to rent photography equipment? Event management companies like Event21 can help!
We also dispatch professional photographers, just reach out to us at!

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