Company Overview

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Our team is always ready to FIGHT on your side!!! We are event professionals with years of experience. We are proud of our level of service. We are young and energetic. TRY US!


Company Overview

Official Company Name Event Twenty One(EVENT21)
English Company Name Event21 Co., Ltd.
Locations ■ Nara Head Office
3-15, 1 Choume, Fujiyama, Kashiba, Nara Prefecture, Japan ZIP Code: 639-0243

■ Vietnam Office
72 Le Thanh Ton and 45A Ly Tu Trong Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Representative Chief Executive Officer Mr. Aiichiro Nakano
Organization Structure
Notary Public Consultant Commons Notary Public Office
Tax Counselor Homura United Accounting Office
Personnel Administration Consultant Yoshimi Social Insurance and Personnel Administration Office
Main Bank Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Yamato Ooji Office
Nanto Bank Takada Office
Membership Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of Nara Prefecture
Seiwa Cram school
Institute Core value management association
Number of Company Vehicles 12 units
Scenery in the company
Scenery in the Head office
The appearance of the Vietnam branch office
The appearance of the

Vietnam branch office


Company Development

1990-12 Event21 founded by Mr. Takeo Nakano
1991-04 Event21 Co., Ltd. incorporated
1992-04 Sign Division established
1995-04 Sales Division established
1997-04 Rental Division established
2007-01 Founder, Mr. Takeo Nakano passes away, Mrs. Asako Nakano becomes CEO,
     Mr. Aiichiro Nakano becomes executive officer
2007-06 Web Marketing Division established
2011-04 Mr. Aiichiro Nakano becomes CEO
2011-07 International Expansion Division established
2011-12 Office remodelig, expansion. Now we have 2 times the space.
2012-12 Dream come true: We have accomplished paying back our long term loan, it's the first time after 22 years that the company doesn't have any loans

Contribution ti the Society by Event21
Newspaper interview!


CEO Greeting

Thank your very much for visiting our website.

Well, I think that it would be the least interesting if I would tell you a conventional greeting, so in order to introduce you some of the things that are important to us besides working for customers, let me be a little audacious as to tell you some stories from the time when I was wandering around the world.

When I was travelling in Bangladesh, I met a young boy.
"Where are you from?" he asked me.
"I'm Japanese." I answered.
His face suddenly turned into a glittering smile.
"I like Japan! Really like!" he said.

I felt it very strange that a young boy dressed in worn-out clothes in country that is so far away from my home loves Japan so much.
When I replied "Thank you! ... How come?" he said: ...Read more


Recruiting employees



Despite the unstable times, a company is responsible for not causing any trouble for the society
(clients, employees, local surroundings, partner companies etc).
While aiming to create a stable financial structure and minimizing any risks of bankruptcy,
we have managed to repay all our debts and became company that's
operating without bearing the burden of any loans!


Head Office Location

3-15, 1 Choume, Fujiyama, Kashiba, Nara Prefecture, Japan ZIP Code: 639-0243
TEL : +81-3-5834-8892  
Office information: the site area is appr. 265 m2 and it's a 2 floor building.
Parking place for 4 cars is located on the rear side of the building.