Can I get the price of only 1 piece of a given item?

Yes we could sell you even only one piece of any of our items.


Do the prices displayed on Event21’s websites include all the costs like shipping etc?

No the prices don’t include neither the shipping and packing costs nor the payment commission fees.


How can I get a quotation for the cost of shipping?

Please tell us the address where you would like to get your items shipped to in order to be able to calculate the shipping costs.


Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ for short) concerning the items?

Yes, for some of our items there is. It is usually displayed on the pages of the items.
If you can’t find the MOQ on the page of the item, then please tell us the quantity that you are looking for and we’ll tell you whether we could ship you that quantity. Samples could be purchased regardless of the MOQ at any times.


Can I get a discount if I order small quantities of many different products?

Yes, if you make your order at once, then the rate of discount will be determined due to the total ordered quantity.


Do you have a price list for each of your items?

No, we don’t have a price list for our items. Please tell us the quantity that you would like to order to get a quotation.


Can I get the price of the items displayed in my own country’s currency?

No, at the moment all our prices will be displayed in USD only.


How can I get a quotation?

Please tell us the item(s) that you would like to get a quotation for and the quantities that you are interested in.
If you would like to know the cost of the shipping then please tell us the address where you would like to get your items shipped to as well.


What do I need to do to make an order?

There are the following methods.

【1st】 you need to get a quotation.
【2nd】 if you would like to purchase the item(s) based on the quotation, then you need to get an official invoice.
【3rd】 you will need to agree to all the terms stated in the invoice, then for a proof, you need write the actual date in the box on the bottom right corner of the invoice and sign it right below the date.
【4th】 you need to send the signed invoice to us as a scanned image in an e-mail attachment or via FAX.
【Finally】 transfer the amount displayed on the upper right hand side of the invoice in USD to our bank account.
Your order is complete as soon as we have been able to confirm that the transfer has arrived to our account.


What payment methods can I choose from?

There are the following methods.

– PayPal for orders under 300 USD
(the PayPal Commission Fee will depend your transferred amount)

– T/T (Bank Transfer) for any order
(the Bank Transfer Commission Fee is fix 20 USD regardless of your transferred amount)

– L/C (Letter of Credit) for bulk orders only


Do I have to bear the commission fee of my payment?

Yes, we would like to kindly ask all of our dear customers to bear the cost of any money transfers made to our company.
Subsequently, we always display the commission fee of your payment on our quotations and invoices so that it will be included in the total cost of your order.


What information is needed to create an invoice?

It is as follows.

– your name
– your company or organization name (if available)
– your address
– your phone number
– the date till you can make the payment


When will my items be shipped?

Your items will be shipped right after we have been able to confirm that the transfer has arrived to our account.Please note that depending on the actual stock conditions, for certain items, order quantities, we may need to get a part of your order from the maker before being able to ship your items.


What currencies can I make my payment in?

Currently we can accept payments in USD only.
Please contact us if you would like to pay in any other currency.


Can I cancel my order after the payment?

Basically we don’t accept any cancel or refund requests after you have made your payment.
In some special cases we may make an exception, so please discuss any such matters with us and let’s come to a fair decision together.


Can I pay in installments?

Basically we need our dear customers to make 100% of their payments in advance.
Please contact us in case you would like to make a bulk order and pay in installments for negotiation about the way of making the payment.


Are all your items made in Japan?

We are keen on offering our customers products of the highest available quality and excellence, so we are mainly choosing products that are either made in Japan, or made in other countries by Japanese companies under Japanese supervision that guarantees high quality.


Do you have a warranty for your items?

No, we don’t have a warranty for our items.
Please contact us in case you are thinking about making a bulk order and you are interested in getting a warranty for any of our products. Depending on the product, we may be able to provide you a warranty of the maker.


Can you provide safety etc. certificates for your products?

Yes we can provide safety and other certificates for our products, but please note


What shipping methods can I choose from?

Basically we are using the following shipping methods:

Japan Post International Mail Services

Furthermore, we can send packages under 2kg as a so-called “Small Packet”:
Japan Post Small Packet Services

Please note that in this case, no registered shipping voucher will be issued about the shipment so, we can’t accept payments by PayPal for this shipping method. Please check the following text, cited from the about site about small packets:
“A small packet is, like a letter or postcard, an ordinary postal item, therefore it cannot be sent registered. If registration is required, please use the optional registered mail/advice of receipt service.”

Apart from these shipping methods, we can offer shipping via the most prestigious international forwarders:

For bulk orders we can also offer air or water transport in 20ft or 40ft containers.

packages example


Can you ship your items to anywhere around the world?

Yes, but there are some places that we haven’t tried yet, like the Antarctica for instance.
Please contact us if you are living there and if you would like to get some nice Japanese items.


I would like to order in bulk, how can I do that?

Please tell us all the details about your order: deadlines, budget, preferred shipping terms and payment method, anything of importance. Please consider that in case of bulk orders the lead time will be considerably longer depending on the quantity that you would like to order due to the actual stock conditions.


Can you ship my order to a Japanese address?

Yes, of course. Domestic shipping costs are considerably lower than their international equivalents.


I’m looking for an item that is not displayed on your website, can you get it for me?

Sure. We have much more items from various makers, than what we have managed to display on our website yet.
Even if we don’t have a maker for the item you are looking for yet, we can find one in no time thanks to our network of suppliers.


Do you offer rental services for customers outside of Japan?

No, our rental services are for domestic customers only.
We can make an exception in special cases, if the customer who takes responsibility for the rental items is either a Japanese citizen or an officially registered Japanese company or organization.


Do you accept orders for customized items?

Yes we do. Please tell us which of our items you would like to get customized in what way and we will tell you the minimum order quantity for making customization possible.


Can I get my logo imprinted on your items?

Yes, logo imprinting is available for many of our items.


Do you have a catalog?

Yes, our catalog is the website you are currently browsing.

We do have another website with our products displayed on it too, please have a look:


Do I need to pay the 5% Japanese consumption tax for the items I order?

The answer is a firm no if you would like to get the items shipped outside of Japan and a just as firm yes if you would like to get them shipped to a Japanese address.


Can I get extra information on your items?

Of course you can. Please tell us what you would like to know, we would be happy to tell you even the smallest details.

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