Greetings CEO

Thank you very much for visiting our website.

Well, I think that it would be the least interesting if I would tell you a conventional greeting, so in order to introduce you some of the things that are important to us,
besides working for customers, let me be a little audacious and tell you a story from the time, when I was wandering around the world.

When I was traveling in Bangladesh, I met a young boy.
“Where are you from?” – he asked me.
“I’m Japanese.” – I answered.
His face suddenly turned into a glittering smile.
“I like Japan! Really like!” – he said.

I felt it very strange that a young boy, dressed in worn-out clothes, in country that is so far away from my home loves Japan so much.
I replied “Thank you! … How come?” and he said:
“Because a Japanese company built the bridge over there.”

At that moment I’ve realized that companies, which could achieve through their work that children from a different country get to love Japan, my homeland, are really cool.

When I was traveling all around the countries of Asia,
I’ve been told that “Japanese people are amazing, because they can travel all around the world just like the Westerners. We couldn’t do anything else, but to offer services to the people who come here.” what made me very sad. On the contrary, in Europe and America there were times, when I was looked down on, because I’m Japanese. (To avoid any misunderstandings, let me add that of course I have many-many European and American friends, who are really wonderful people.)

The people of Asia know Japan much better, than usually Japanese people would think. They are watching us through the television, magazines and the internet and have expectations towards us. By seeing the manhole children in Mongolia, the street peddler girls in Vietnam, who take over business for generations, with my own eyes, I have realized the fact that they are in an environment of poverty and war, in which they have no options for their future. Having these experiences, a strong determination has been born inside me that I would like to do something about this situation.

However, I was extremely frustrated with the fact that I don’t even have the power to change this rotten world by even by 1mm.

Nevertheless, thanks to these experiences, I have got a dream:
“To build an international company that takes part in improving Japan’s status, and creates “made in Japan” happiness to the whole world. This is the vision of Event21.

Furthermore, among the foundational principles of Event21, we have the expression of “you happy, we happy”.
Literally, it means that if you are happy, then we are happy too.
Every single day, we are working under these principles.

Contribution to the society, when people hear these words, they tend to think about something exaggerated. To put it simple, I would say that contribution to the society is to make people around us happy. Moreover, we would like to contribute to the society on a larger scale, on a wider spectrum to make deeper impressions.
If “you” stands for the people around us, then by becoming bigger ourselves, this “you” could eventually mean more and more people.
Thus we are planning to become a company that can deliver happiness to the “you” of Japan, Asia and finally the whole world.

The economic recession can’t serve as an excuse for turning our company’s achievements, quality of service and the responses we get from our customers into something fantastic.
If the economic situation would be so good that anyone could show up good results, then the efforts of the company called Event21, its CEO called Aiichiro Nakano, and all the dear employees who are doing their best every single day would have no value at all.

This is no time to look for scapegoats around us, since nobody will take responsibility for the problems, if we try to blame them on somebody, so making excuses is just a waste of time.
Many companies keep growing in spite of the economic recession. Aren’t these companies are the genuine ones, who can really make the world more convenient, create happiness in the society?!

Event21 creates new values in the world and seriously aims to become a company that can make everyone happy.
In order to accomplish that, there’s no other way, but to offer services that simply make our customers feel: “I’m so glad that I’ve met Event21”.
Let’s turn our motto of “you happy, we happy” inside out: “if we can’t get you happy, then we can’t be happy ourselves”.
It’s just as much for our dear customer’s sake, as for our own, they go hand in hand.
That’s the reason why our whole staff is determined about doing a good job that will really make our customers happy.

There will surely be a time when this company will build a bridge somewhere in the world, which will become a tale when the children, who are living nearby, will tell a Japanese traveler with a glittering smile that “I like Japan! Really like!”
And the employees of Event21 will become even happier by being the main characters of this story. This is one of my 11837 dreams that I would definitely want to fulfill.

To fulfill this dream, I vow to build and develop an enterprise that will create smiles first in Japan, then in the whole world.

Event21 Co., Ltd. – Chief Executive Officer – Aiichiro Nakano
Aiichiro Nakano

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