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Holding A Party In Japan Part 4: Decor

glowing chairs table sofa

Are you thinking of holding a party in Japan?

We’ve created a series of blog posts to help you plan your party! Check them out below.
Part 1: The Venue
Part 2: Food & Beverages
Part 3: Entertainment

This post will introduce some cool decorations you can use to create the ideal atmosphere for your party!

1) LED Lights

LED Light Curtain

To create a cool, trendy atmosphere, try making use of LED light curtains!

LED lights are perfect as decorations, and also look great in photographs!

LED decoration

2) Glowing Chairs and Tables

glowing chairs and tables

This will surely give your party a chic and modern feel!

glowing chairs table sofa

Doesn’t this look like something you would see on Instagram?

3) Floral & Fauna

For a more down-to-earth look, we recommend decorating the venue with plants!

decoration plants

The decorations could be as simple as a potted plant!

flower arrangement

Or a fancy flower arrangement!

When sourcing for party decorations, first ask yourself what kind of look and atmosphere you want to achieve.
From there, you can then find decorations that will suit the overall theme of your party!

Need help with decorating your party venue?
Leave it to Event21 – we’ll support you from start to finish!

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Part 5 coming soon! Stay tuned!


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