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Organising a Halloween Event in Japan

halloween train

Halloween in Japan is rather different from how the rest of the world celebrates it.

The main focus of Halloween events in Japan is the costume play.
People do not go “trick-or-treating”, but instead enjoy dressing up and going for parties instead.

Of course, there are many Halloween-themed events trying to capitalise on this golden opportunity!

What will one require to organise a Halloween event in Japan?
This post will tell you more.

pumpkin costume

Halloween in Japan is all about the wacky costumes, so one way to garner interest in your event is to have Halloween mascots!

halloween costume

Check out our pumpkin Halloween mascots here!

halloween pumpkin air house

If you need something bigger in size to impress your guests, why not consider this pumpkin air house?

halloween train

Or perhaps this Halloween train?

halloween game

Check out this fun Halloween throwing game!

halloween game

This Halloween pinball game is also sure to put a smile on your guest’s faces.

Need help organising a Halloween event in Japan?
Be it a small party or a big carnival, Event21 is ready to help you!

Even if you do not understand Japanese, our staff can assist you.
Just reach out to us at!

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