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Holding A Party In Japan Part 5: The Big Day

party venue

Are you thinking of holding a party in Japan?

We’ve created a series of blog posts to help you plan your party! Check them out below.
Part 1: The Venue
Part 2: Food & Beverages
Part 3: Entertainment
Part 4: Decor

party venue

You’ve booked the venue, sent out the invites, and made preparations for the food and entertainment.
Now all that’s left to do it to wait for the big day!

The bulk of the work on the actual day includes setting up the venue and ensuring that everything is in order.


What are some of the things that need to be done?

  • Beautifying the venue with the decorations you procured
  • Setting up any equipment like audio systems or screens
  • Ensuring that your food gets to the venue on time
  • Briefing your performers/entertainers/emcees
  • Welcoming and ushering your guests to their seats
  • Making sure there are no delays in the schedule
  • Cleaning up and evacuating the venue
  • and the list goes on!

With so much work to be done, you may find yourself not having enough time to interact with your guests.
As the host of the party, this is something you would want to avoid.


Why not leave the hard work to a professional events management company?
Companies like Event21 are able to assist with party management, freeing up your precious time to enjoy the party you’ve worked so hard to coordinate!

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