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アンガル Blog: Introduction

Greetings! My name is Angar Batsaikhan and I work at the Yokohama Hiyoshi Branch as well as in the International Expansion team for Event21.


Firstly, allow me introduce myself and my background briefly. I am a Mongolian, born in Bulgaria, who has traveled and lived half of my life in different countries than my own such as: aforementioned Bulgaria, Turkey, the United States, France, Kuwait, and Japan. I value globalization and international cooperation in today’s age because I was exposed to various cultures from a very young age. From all the countries I have visited and lived in, I fell in love most with the Japanese culture and tradition.

Therefore, working at Event21 provided the perfect opportunity for me to ensure that the people who have yet to experience the Japanese culture get the chance to do so through events.

For me, Event21 is a place where every team member values and respects each other and work together towards a common vision: “Create happy! encounters for the world”.

Even though it has only roughly been a week for me at Event21, I can say that I am working with amazing people. I’m doing my best learning the routines and work-flow at the Yokohama Hiyoshi Branch as well as the desk-work at the Tokyo Branch/International Expansion team. I will keep striving to make sure that one day I will become an individual who is able to support everyone’s dreams as I believe in our company motto “You happy, We Happy!”.写真の説明はありません。

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