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I uploaded many posts during this time. Because some of IE members are busy with project. I think we can read their work experience about this project in this blog for sure!

So, I will take over IE blog till they come back! lol

Last time, I promise to you all that I will tell you about my experience of my first time to join Management Policies Presentation and Company Welcome Ceremony for new graduated 2019. but sorry. I will skip it lol. This time I will share you the story of one of Event21 activities that we do it every year such as お花見 (O-hanami; cherry blossom viewing).

As many of you know that Japanese new graduated will start their work life from April,1st of every year and it’s during spring season in Japan. Many companies will do O-hanami to make a chance for communicate with each others to build good relationships in company. Our Event21 in Nara also done it in on April,1st that new graduated start their new chapter of life in Event21 at public park near Katsuragi warehouse.

But unfortunately! It was raining on that day. So, we have changed from O-hanami to welcome party instead! It was a simple party. we were just brought foods and drinks to eat together. but absolutely, we were playing games together!

First game is a quiz game.
We divided team to 4 teams. the first person will get the a word and draw keyword picture to show to next person. The next person will thinking of what is the right word for this picture and draw different picture to show to next person. The last person will draw and say the answer.

Me.. who has low ability in drawing was challenge myself and the others to much lol

From the answer “Nara prefecture” to the last person who answered “Murashita-san” one of sell team in Nara Head office lol and I drew sleeping people for this word lol

Photo by Y-san from Web Team

The next game is Introduce yourself Bingo.
You have to write a word with the topic in each roll in the box. example your like and dislike food. then, player will tell their word one by one. The person who wrote the same answer will circle  and get bingo when completed it. We have 4 prizes for this game. So, everyone were try their best to win lol

and I got it the 3rd! and this is the prize!


Today is one of the most laughing day in my life. Everyone want to win in the game that make me so fun. and I was one of the too lol

Next time, If I don’t forget, I will tell you about my experience of my first time to join Management Policies Presentation and Company Welcome Ceremony for new graduated 2019. It was fun and interesting too!

See you when I see you~

IE Introduction. New member from Taiwan!

Dàjiā hǎo!! (Hello, everyone!!)

I was appeared in previous blog of I-san.

I am Taiwanese who have been joining at Event21 only 1 week!

My name is Wang Yan Rong from Taiwan.

Now, I am working in IE department at Event21, Tokyo branch. and I also work in design department.

I graduated from department of Animation design from University. and came to Japan for study about Business in Music. Because I interested in Japanese music.

I knew Event21 at job hunting seminar at school. I really interested in company’s ideal. Many seniors at school was participating in this seminar. and so do I. then, I applied and got a job with Event21.

April, 1st is starting of new season. I have been here only 1 week. So, I have many things to learn.

If I can meet everyone at event in the future, I will be really happy!

So, see you next time 掰掰!! (Bye Bye!!)

Story about my first time in company welcome ceremony!

Pimsupak again in this week.

Last time I promise to you that I will share you about culture in Event21 which I think I cannot experienced in anywhere. In fact, I think their are many cultures in here that I still have no chance to join. But if have a chance, I will share with you all. I PROMISE again

Back to 2-3 weeks before. I have got new experienced in my life. It’s Company Welcome Ceremony!

Person who know about Japanese culture may think that it’s really normal and simple to have this ceremony. Because every Japanese company held this ceremony for new employees who graduated from university or school every year. But I’m not a new graduated lol.

I graduated from university in Thailand and have been start working enter the 6th year (Stop to thinking about my age right now!  lol). Even Japanese company in Thailand, I think we have no company welcome ceremony for new graduated. Because job hunting process in Japan and Thailand is completely different. In Japan, new graduated always start to work from April, 1st. but we have no fix schedule like this in Thailand. So, I think it’s hard to do welcome ceremony.

Back to my company welcome ceremony.
On that day, It was a simple but fun. The person who were attend in ceremony are Company president who we call Sha-chou in Japanese, My boss and leader from 2 departments. And we also had a Job offer ceremony for new graduated who will be a part of Katsuraigi warehouse.

*You can read about Job offer ceremony at Ito-san’s blog here :

The ceremony start with welcome speech from our Sha-chou. Then, we will be called the name one by one to get a certificate from Sha-chou. and we said a little speech to everyone.  After that we have made a discussion. and topic is…

“What kind of people I want to be in the future?”

I said many things from my thought. Because of different culture and language, I always have no confident to say, express my feeling or make a conversation with the others. So, I want to have more confident in the future and I will be!

One of reasons why I feel impress with company and people here is they always care each others. I think I can feel that everyone here work with passion and happiness. And when I have any troubles, I always get many help and advices from them. I’m really happy and proud to be one of them

Next time I will share you about my experience about my first time to join Management Policies Presentation and Company Welcome Ceremony for new graduated 2019 to you all !

Today it is my turn for blogging

I will tell you about the excitement when I first came to Tokyo to do an event at Event21. It is a business trip for an event of a Vietnamese company in Japan. (Located in Odaiba, Hilton 5 star hotel with 150 pax and many VIP people).


We had a more successful event than we expected, and customers always remembered my company and went back to continue the event organized by Event21.


Do you know that I discovered that I love Tokyo after that event, with me Nara still the best but Tokyo with many modern things and every corner of Tokyo is something mysterious that needs to be discovered. I believe this is a place worth exploring in my list until now, although I have traveled to more than 35 countries and 50 cities. When the classic combined with modernity still does not conflict with each other it is the magic of Tokyo and Japan.


Currently I am a “bridge” between Japan and Vietnam.

Come back to the event job:


I think to put up an idea for an event that takes 2 to 3 weeks or even more, more time it can be more detail and perfect. I can understand what Vietnamese people like and the cultural differences between Vietnam and Japan to be able to stand between connecting and blending them together to create the most memorable event. For me, any company can do that, but in Event21 we have passionate, generous and creative partners, along with love for the company, we always try to create and build a most reputable image possible. However, you know, even a wedding party will have small flaws, let alone a big event for hundreds of guests. Those minor shortcomings we try to overcome day after day and now, you are watching a website of a company that has been formed for a long time history. For more than 20 years I have been fortunate to be a small part but it is enough to witness many great changes. Thanks to the determination of the director, the constant efforts of the young people. Like me and other people, everyone has a dream for themselves, but I wish everyone would be happy, and we share the same direction in the IE team to build this happiness not only for ourselves but also for you, for us.


If you want to see this in real, meet us, my lovely colleagues and we will tell you our happy stories. I love Event21 and I love you.


Thanks to read it.


What am I doing in Katsuragi warehouse?

Hello everyone. Pimsupak is back~

After I told you that I’m working at Katsuragi warehouse, you may have a questions like what am I doing there or How’s life there? So, I will tell you right now about my life after 1 month in Katsuragi warehouse!

Basically, I have 2 duties in current. one is shipping rental or buy product to customer. and  two is making billboard.


Shipping may seems easy for someone but not me! lol because we have many kinds of product. a small one like a Kimono clip or bigger one like a large size of table. It’s really challenge me how to pack or how to make the product safe in the box till customer receive. and I’m not good in this talent. So, It’s rather difficult for me.

and one more duty is making billboard. Have you ever seen any billboard at exhibition or party before? (For Thais, please image to political campaign sign. Absolutely, I never think that I will have a chance to make it before I entered here. So, I really felt nervous in first time (and sometime now lol). To making billboard, I will explain you in easy way. First, Print vinyl sheet that received from designer. Second, cut the sheet with same size of billboard. then, stick the sheet to billboard. and the last, make it beautiful. From all of steps, the most difficult for me is to use scissors or cutter. it’s a little bit strange, right? lol but that because my eyesight is really bad. so I cannot cut it straight. and I think to stick the vinyl sheet is also difficult. because sometimes if you make any mistake in this step, you have to make it all again from start (I think color sheet type is more difficult.)

Besides my current works, we also set up exhibition or event. But I still have no chance to do this work. If I have a chance, I will tell you!

About work environment. I can feel that everyone are really funny! They always have many conversations or bring some toys to play at warehouse (popular item in current is “slime” lol)

Due to warehouse is open-air place, It’s very cold at warehouse in winter. We usually stay near a heater in lunch time (I heard that it’s very hot in summer at warehouse too). Even I don’t like winter, but I like everyone here.

I still make mistake in working. but every one try to teach and give me many advises to me. The always support me here. I have done many things that I never do it before here and I will try to it more.

P.s. I went to welcome party last week. This is all photo I have. It’s just a few, but I would like to share it with you lol.

See you again next time~

Japanese Culture! ~Food Number1~

Good morning!! And depending where you are I suppose good evening? (Lol)

Recently thinking it is cold, and then as he walks it gets hotter, this is the Otonari. I feel like I may catch a cold.

Well well! This time I will be talking about Japanese Food Culture. This is a culture that even our big boss (Which I the translator offended last week by calling her the gang leader lol) also loves this part of Japanese Culture. I also feel the same about it.

The reason? Because I am making this page (lol).

It is also available in English, so please have a look!


With that, lets talk about food!

「Saika Ramen」



As I was raised in the Nara Prefecture, I cannot go without introducing this. (lol)

By looking you can see there is a large volume, and less than focus on the meat there is more vegitables! Especially the large amount of Hakusai making it a vegetable type of ramen. It also has a base of soy sauce and added with garlic makes it a spicy tasty ramen.

Lots of vegetables, making it healthy right?

YEA ITS HEALTHY!! (Really, it is.)


From a young age I have had the pleasure of eating this ramen and i feel as though it has been 20 years. There is even a store near where i live which makes me even more happy!

Japanese Ramen is very famous all over the world, but I believe that there are people whom come to Japan from overseas to eat the real deal.

To those who do.

Through an event, would you like to make others happy and spread and enjoy Japanese Culture yourself? And come to Nara to try the real Saika Ramen? (Lol)

The next post I will discuss on my next turn is …..

The food most known in Hiroshima and Osaka, Okonomiyaki!!

With that, I bid you adieu.

IE Introduction #5 Say hello from Thailand


I would like to start this blog with word “Hello” in Thai language. In previous post, D-san and O-san are introduce about me for a little that we have a staff from Thailand. So, This time I would like to introduce myself through this blog.

First of all, Let me introduce myself!
My name is Pimsupak Pesalaphan. I usually called View (It’s my nickname). I’m an employee in Event 21. I’m working in Katsuragi warehouse, Nara and one of member in IE or International Expansion Department in Nara also.

I started to work here from January in this year (I was working in Osaka about 1 year before). My first impression for this company is everyone in here. They always help me a lot (when I have got an interview, it was really enjoy conversation that different from the others.)

About my works, as I have told you before that I work at warehouse and IE department also. So, I have a chance to do many things that I have never done it before. At warehouse, we’re usually prepare and send goods to the customers. and construction event.

For IE department, we’re connecting with customer both in Japan and Foreign. and we would like to connect Japan with the world through the vision “Create happy! encounters for the world”

I have been joining in Event 21 about 1 month. I still learning to work. but I’m really enjoy with it in everyday. Both working at warehouse and IE department are difficult. but everyone at here always support and teach me everything. I’m really thankful to all of them. and I will try it more also.

See you next time~ Khobkhun-kha!