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Tent テント篇

I was introducing product for outdoor garden in the previous post. So today I would like to introduce you for product which important for outdoor event. It’s……….. a tent!  この前屋外ガーデン用品を紹介しましたので 今日は屋外でイベントをやるとき絶対必要な商品を紹介したいと思います それが~~~テントでございます! Tent is the best product to protect you from rain and heat stroke. I think It’s better to have something such as a roof to protect you from everything 梅雨の為か、熱中症対策の為にも 屋根みたいなものはあったほうがいいと思います And then put table and chair inside, It’s very easy to make a booth,isn’t it? You can feel to summer festival! こうしてテントの下でテーブルと椅子を置いてて、簡単な休憩場所やブースになれるじゃないか! 夏祭りの感じがあるでしょう!   If you don’t know how to set up it, Just let us help you! We are professional and help you everything! If you […]

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Introducing The Masu, A Traditional Japanese Sake Cup

Hello everyone! This is Yee. Japanese sake is popular both in Japan and around the world. Many have probably tried the taste of Japanese sake before, but how many have actually done it the traditional way? This time, we’ll introduce one of our highly sought after products – the traditional Japanese sake cup, also known as masu. What is a masu cup? Shaped like a square wooden box, Masu (枡 or 升) was originally used to measure rice. From the 1950s to the 1960s, the usage of masu cups to consume sake gained popularity. Masu cups are made from cypress, a rare type of wood which is highly durable. Masu […]

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アンガル Blog: Introduction

Greetings! My name is Angar Batsaikhan and I work at the Yokohama Hiyoshi Branch as well as in the International Expansion team for Event21. Firstly, allow me introduce myself and my background briefly. I am a Mongolian, born in Bulgaria, who has traveled and lived half of my life in different countries than my own such as: aforementioned Bulgaria, Turkey, the United States, France, Kuwait, and Japan. I value globalization and international cooperation in today’s age because I was exposed to various cultures from a very young age. From all the countries I have visited and lived in, I fell in love most with the Japanese culture and tradition. Therefore, […]

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