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Wake Up World! It’s Summer

You wonder to yourself: “Where did all these children carrying bags full of swimwear come from?!”

Furthermore, you see all of them running towards one destination.

Then it hits you: “It’s Summer!”

Allow me to introduce you to a few spots where every child is excited to go!

First of all, the Target Practice Range!

射的セット 現場写真2

射的セット レンタル

射的セット レンタル

Look at this view! Children just won’t leave this booth alone!

Moving on to~

ストラックアウト(幼児用) レンタル

ストラックアウト(幼児用) レンタル

“Strike Out” games designed for the young!



Or how about a pool filled with pit balls?

Be sure to order these summer items early as there is a high chance they might not be in stock!

We’ll be waiting for your order!!!

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