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Have A Takoyaki Party At Your Next Event!

Takoyaki, which literally means “fried octopus”, is a ball-shaped Japanese snack.

The octopus is cooked in a batter and topped with takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, green laver and bonito.

Here is how the final product looks like.


So, wondering how you can get your hands on a takoyaki machine at your next event?

Read on to find out more!

takoyaki machine

This takoyaki machine is a basic model, and can even be used for home parties!

However, if your event is on a larger scale, you probably need a bigger machine.

big takoyaki machine

This large takoyaki machine can cook up to 140 takoyakis at the same time!

Sizes of takoyaki machines vary, so you can choose the size that meets your needs.

It is not just the takoyaki machine that comes in different sizes.

The takoyaki itself does too!

mega takoyaki machine

This mega takoyaki machine creates mega-sized takoyaki of 8.5cm!

mega takoyaki

Look at how big the mega takoyaki is compared to a regular takoyaki!


Want to rent a takoyaki machine?

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