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Celebrate Diversity with Small Flags at Your Next Event

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With the upcoming Olympics coming to Japan, the whole country has Olympic Fever.

There are towns that are taking that opportunity to do little events at their parks or at certain areas.

Companies are also doing little celebrations of their own.

They are using the Olympics as an opportunity to try and increase diversity awareness in their company.

And to increase understanding of other cultures as well.

Japan sure is busy getting ready for the Olympics.

What better way to celebrate diversity than by decorating your event with small flags!

These small flags decorations are used a lot in Japan for events.

It is a great way to increase awareness of other cultures and people.

You may have seen them a lot in Japan at school events like Sports Day (Undokai(運動会))!

At Japanese schools, they are really trying to increase awareness of other cultures and people.

They even have native English teachers come and teach at their schools.

If you are looking how to decorate your event, these small flags will do the job.

They are a quick and simple way to decorate and increase awareness of cultures around the world.

Please give Event 21 a call if you are interested in events or decorations.

We even have small flags for rent as well.

We will be happy to make your event a success.

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