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Enjoy the Sakura Season (and Hanami) to the Fullest!


It’s the beginning of February, which means there’s just a little over a month left before the start of the Sakura season. What better place to enjoy the flowers in full bloom than here in Japan?

If you have ever arranged a hanami  (which literally means to view flowers), you would know that the logistics for it are pretty bothersome. Other than having to bring food (and also alcohol), chairs, mats, and the like are also necessary, depending on how prepared you are. Booking seats or spaces at a shrine or other popular venues can also be pricey. Why not save yourself the hassle and rent all of the equipment?

Here at Event21, we offer rental plans for those planning to hold gatherings or events during the hanami season. Whether you are looking to hold a medium-sized gathering or a large-sized event, we have something to suit your needs!

For a medium-sized gathering, we have a cost-effective rental plan available for you!

Other than several tables for you to be able to place your food and play games, it includes a portable kettle for you to heat up your sake and turn it into atsukan – perfect for you to enjoy outdoors in the spring weather.

Plus, turn up the atmosphere by enjoying the sake in traditional Japanese lacquerware such as the cup below:

大杯 レンタル

We also produce an Instagram-fashioned board – perfect for you to take that social-media picture with your friends or family! The plan includes a mini lantern, adding to the list of props that you can have to take pictures at the gathering.

If you are looking to just hold a small gathering or party, fret not!

We have a wide lineup of other items that you can rent individually. From tea sets to tatami, to various cooking equipment, we have it all!

Reach out to us if you have any inquiries, or simply visit our homepage here:




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