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Have Instant Hot or Cold Tea anytime with this Tea Machine at Event21!!!

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When you think about Japan, probably a few things come to mind: Sushi, Sumo, Samurais and Ninjas (probably some other ones as well).

One other famous thing from Japan is tea, especially green tea.

Green tea is a staple of homes, meetings and sushi restaurants.

While bitter, the health benefits of green tea are amazing.

So if you ever come to Japan, you need to try green tree.

A great way to make green tea readily available is with this Tea Machine from Event21!

This Tea Machine can serve tea both hot and cold, making it great all year round.

There are many types of teas in Japan, so if green tea is too bitter, there is Oulong tea, Barley tea and many more.

Choose which ever tea you want and add it to the machine!

Its great for companies, events, the Olympics here in Japan etc.

Experience a little more of Japan while in Japan with this tea machine.

Avoid the hassle of trying to brew the right tea and leave it to the tea machine.

Please check below for more items used with teas here in Japan.

If you are looking or if you know someone that is planning to do any rentals or events here in Japan, please let us know, or tell them about us.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We are here to help. (Tea Machine)

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