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Summer Drinks at Home!


There’s only a second better way to beat the summer heat than blasting the air conditioning all day at home – cold, refreshing, summer drinks!

While many of us would love to have a variety of beverage machines at home, cost and space are unfortunately often limiting factors in Japanese apartments with limited space.

If so, why not consider renting some equipment for this summer period?

  1. Soda Maker

For those who love their sparkling water – rather than getting bottles all the time, why not try out this carbonator instead?

Get fresh sparkling water anytime you need it, plus save on the plastic bottles – both convenient and environmentally friendly!

Also recommended for house parties, to serve large amounts of drinks to your guests.

2. Coffee Maker

For those that don’t already own a coffee maker – we have many other varieties other than the one shown below!

3. Simple Beer Server

For all the draft beer lovers – enjoy some cold beers, with the good foam, all from the convenience of your home!

No need to install a tap – this compact beer server produces that creamy froth from canned beer, allowing you to enjoy your beer without worrying about it becoming flat.

It’s compact size allows for easy storage, making it the perfect item for those living in apartments.

Enjoy your drinks without having to go to pubs!

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