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“Tsuki-ichi” at Event21

The another one of Event21 company culture that we do in every month called “Tsuki-ichi”. There are 2 Japanese words; one is “Tsuki” mean a month and two is “ichi” mean one (number). when we bring it together it mean “Once a month” For us, it’s mean the activity that we hold once a month in each branch.

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What kind of activity we do in each month? For Nara, we usually do anything that make us communicate together (such as have a lunch together ans etc.) and for this month, it is “Tonjiru soup”

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“Tonjiru soup” is Japanese miso soup which put a pork (you may have ever seen when you order Japanese food at restaurant). In this time chef is Y-san from web team and chef’s assistance are O-san from web team and T-san from sale dept. Boy chef team lol

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Even Nara office and warehouse is not far too much. but it’s not distance that we can walk within 5-10 mins. So, Y chef and Creative leader, I-san are coming to warehouse with Tonjiru soup. To be honest, this Tonjiru really made my day. because it’s very cold in Japan now^^

รูปภาพนี้มี Alt แอตทริบิวต์เป็นค่าว่าง ชื่อไฟล์คือ IMG_2172-1024x768.jpg
Tsuki-ichi is one of Event21 culture that I’m looking forward every month. It’s really interesting and fun to talk with member while eating!
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