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Building something? Double check the electrics!

Good day everyone!

We sincerely hope that you are staying healthy and staying home, since the pandemic outside doesn’t seem to slow down. With everything non-essential being getting closed down, here at the company we are feeling the consequences of most major spring events being cancelled or postponed. That, combined with the fact that a few major cities in Japan are in a state of emergency, streets are getting emptier every day.

However, construction is considered an essential activity, even in a time like this, therefore most if not all construction sites are still open. And an essential part of any construction work is getting electricity set up. However, sometimes there are mistakes made, and that’s where our new rental product comes in.

Allow me to introduce a FLIR thermography camera.


With this crazy little device, it’s possible to identify and fix any electrical mistakes made during installation, as this thing sees the infrared radiation that every object or subject emits. You can take a snapshot by pulling the trigger part of it. As it has an LCD display, it shows the color scale, time and the surface temperature. You can set everything up so that the surrounding temperature doesn’t blind the sensor and you can accurately monitor changes in the temperature compared to surrounding surface or area. Honestly, there are limitless applications for this thing.

Max, signing off.

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